Koko Sushi Bar & Lounge

Now Open for Lunch Wednesday - Saturday | 11am - 2pm


In 2004, Koko Sushi opened to palpable buzz in Bellevue. 

As time passed, the Green Bay area’s dining scene became diverse and competitive. We had to make sure its ultra-modern sushi formula would continue to flourish. Our customer base rapidly expanded through several popular sushi “virgin nights”, catering to clientele who had an expanding taste for global cuisine. We were always struck by the incentive to revitalize downtown Green Bay, so that is ultimately where we moved in 2010. Our new place was riveting yet still intimate in feel.

A key feature of our new place is one that our past customers know and love. It is called the “tree of life”, a one-of-a-kind centerpiece crafted by local artist Miles Amorelli. Loosely inspired by the birch trees inside New York City’s world-famous Nobu restaurant, Amorelli’s creation consists of hand-forged recycled metal and leaves of Plexiglas.


Gary Flood, a master sushi chef from California, brought his unique yet accessible flavor combinations to our menu. This was an important first step that allowed us to entice both sushi connoisseurs and novices. Flood was also responsible for training several of Koko’s early chefs and has brought the gift of our most popular sushi rolls, such as Godzilla Roll, Where’s Bob, Hand Grenades and many other unique menu items.

Today, we continue to uphold the same values that made our customers keep coming back when we first began in 2004. Our atmosphere continues to be welcoming, intimate and festive.  We warmly encourage those who have never tried sushi to give it a whirl at KOKO. For non-sushi lovers, we do have an alternative menu. We will do our best to make your experience a great one!